Rain-making, cloud-busting and energy balancing
By Tim Strachan February 2003 (updated March 2007).


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Water is the most essential element to life, it carries life. Without it, life shrivels and dies, as anyone inland from Australia’s eastern seaboard can attest. So an investigation into sustainable  methods of encouraging rain is a worthwhile effort for many reasons. And as we enter the era of acknowledged climate change, more so than ever.

As I sit here writing this in early 2007, rain has been falling for a few days, and the land quietly soaks it all up with a smile. But dams have declined steadily all over Australia over the past 10 years, and the trend shows no signs of letting up. Politicians are jostling each other with expensive, corporate-led solutions such as 2-billion dollar desalination plants. Big contracts for big profits, adding more layers of energetic pollution to this world, and putting in a technological ‘fix’ instead of realising that our planetary issues are deeper than this.

It seems to me that ‘rain-making’ or ‘cloud-busting’, two oft-used phrases, are not quite right in describing the process of encouraging rain with interventions. The right amount of rain will appear when there is an energetic balance in an unpolluted environment, as night follows day. Just as with any dis-ease, the problem is a lack of flow or communication due to blockages, which can occur on many levels: pollution, electromagnetic congestion, abuse of the aquifers and water table, and human energetic interference and distress, amongst other factors.

History of rain-making
All cultures seem to have had methods of stimulating rain. Indigenous cultures used ritual to focus human energies in order to restore balance, often with good success. Wilhelm Reich devised orgone devices which stimulated rain with a lot of success in many trials. Reich’s work was furthered by others, including James Constable with his etheric rain engineering, and Don Croft with his simplified portable energy balancers. Rudolf Steiner had a very advanced understanding of the energetics of the eco-system, and his work has been advanced by a number of anthroposophists, including most recently, Hugh Lovel, who has recently been giving workshops in Australia and the US. And of course there is the current culture’s more materialistic method of cloud seeding.

Cloudbusting v rainmaking v energy balancing
There is a lot of confusion involved in these terms. Successful rain-making really occurs when the environmental energies are balanced, and this is what Reich did repeatedly in various trials in the early part of the century. His understanding of orgone energy (related to the concepts of
chi, prana, manna, odic force in other cultural systems) enabled him to devise ways of balancing energies by building up orgone in the atmosphere, and by draining dor or deadly orgone from the environment. This draining was achieved by a pipe connecting his device to running water, the only element which can properly deal with such energies.

The work of Don Croft
More recently, a dowser and energy worker by the name of Don Croft has taken this work further. Don has created a simpler orgone device (see photo of my version of this).

Like Reich’s, there are several copper pipes about 1.8m long embedded in an orgone matrix, i.e., a mix of organic (resin) and inorganic (metal shavings) material. This seems to be an improvement on Reich’s device, as it appears to absorb the deadly orgone from the atmosphere and rebroadcast it as a benign energy. The photo shows one of these standing on a highly paramagnetic material (special rock dust) in a copper spiral (industrial heater element) in our garden. These are additions to Don’s device which seem to improve its functioning.

Results we’ve seen
Up to mid-2004, we lived in Bucketty NSW, an hour north of Hornsby inland from the central coast, a normally dry area which is ecologically very clear and fairly undisturbed. We had the ‘cloudbuster’ there from the middle of 2002, that is, through the worst of the drought. Our property was designed somewhat according to geomantic principles, with a lot of standing stones, stone circle, ponds, flow forms, solar electricity and heating, etc., all of which helps in modifying energies for the better. We had brought back the frogs and all kinds of animals and even locals felt the difference when they visited us.

What I can state is that in spite of the drought, we had more rain there those 24 months than normal. Our tanks were normally full, and rain patterns changed - rain used to come up from Sydney and stop about 10 km away or curve away from us. We started to get that rain, and another pattern has started up - rain to the west of Sydney would move up to our area, often bypassing Sydney. And what also happened, somewhat unbelievably, is that rain clouds will form above our area, rain will fall, but you can see it’s like a pancake over us right around the horizon - the sky can be blue around this pancake of cloud.

I believe it made quite a difference in this area, and the effect was cumulative. This area is responsive to small energy differences because it has not been put deeply out of balance, but a city like Sydney, which is increasingly blocked on an energetic level, would need quite a number of these devices spread around to make a difference

Similar action to the Lakhovsky Coil device
It seems that if there is humidity/rain about, it is more likely to be drawn in by this device. Likewise, if there were too much rain about, I believe that this would be reduced. In other workds there is a balancing that occurs, due to the balancing of the atmosphere. This device acts rather like another device I have made (and sell), called the PowerHouse. Its a double Lakhovsky coil which is installed in a house, which balances energies in the house by draining toxic frequencies, which are spun into the coils and disabled. In fact, it’s scientifically called a wave trap and that is its function, to trap certain unwanted waves or ‘noxious’ frequencies. It works on electromagnetics and geopathic stress.


A further note written in 2007

When we left Bucketty in mid-2004, we left the cloudbuster there with the new owners, and there was also another which I helped a neighbour to make installed on his property approximately 1.5 km away. We were passionate about energies and balance and living sustainably, and our successors and neighbours perhaps less so. But it did seem that the positive effects noted above reduced in the couple of years since. I can only imagine that this is a mysterious feature of ‘energy technologies’, and I am reminded of the curious fact that over 100 years ago, a gentleman called Keely devised an ‘over-unity’ motor (it put out more energy than was put into it). But – it only worked when he was present. There was no fraudulent practice going on, it simply was somehow connected ‘etherically’ to him and his field.

In a similar way, I believe that the attention and state of the ‘energy body’ of whoever is working with these technologies is crucial to their proper operating. To me that makes sense, as we are not separate from our environments, and we affect everything we touch significantly for good or ill.

That we have as a race made such a mess of our environment point to this. It also points to the power we have to reverse that. Using such devices as the cloudbuster and the Stress Reducer can help in making the changes we need to make to ourselves and to the earth itself.

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